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Garden pool

Garden design ideas

Ideas for garden design

Ideas for garden design are numerous and sometimes very difficult to implement. Here are a few to explore, provided you think it through and prepare everything you need to avoid missing the target.

modern landscaping

Seek to respect a certain optical balance in colours and textures. – Respect the principle of continuity in modern landscaping – Use original and matching materials (example: angel hair goes with hydrangeas)

Create a lounge area

Create a lounge area on a wooden deck in an environment dominated by plants – Beautiful fire basin on the wooden deck

Swimming Pools: Garden & Outdoors

Garden and swimming pool

Whether it is above ground or buried, the presence of a swimming pool in a garden can be interpreted differently: as a simple tool or as a remarkable expression of wealth.

Just seeing a garden is already considered a favour by all those who live in the apartments. To have an extra swimming pool is to live in a corner of paradise.

In order to undertake work to fit out a house according to the rules of the art, several steps are necessary: a detailed study of the work, an architect’s plan and several estimates of work.

Garden decoration with swimming pool differs from garden decoration without swimming pool and in both cases it is best to consult a garden decoration specialist.

Accentuate your backyard with luxurious furniture

Garden furniture

For every space and size in a garden the appropriate type of garden furniture. The landscape gardeners will advise you in case of a small garden with a small swimming pool to choose light folding furniture. And in the case of a large garden, they will advise you to opt for a relaxation area by the pool.

It is important to bear in mind that there are other criteria to be taken into account when choosing the right furniture for each garden: these are mainly climatic factors, which may mean that the furniture needs to be stored in one season or another, or that you should choose furniture made of materials that are resistant to extreme climatic elements such as high temperatures and harsh winter periods.

Garden Salons

Modularity, flexibility and comfort are elegantly translated thanks to the choice of different materials. Compose your garden furniture the way you want it.


The pergola transforms your terrace or sitting area into a temple of relaxation! The pergola fits into any garden style with its elegant design.

Outdoor chair

Sitting around this table, your children will have a good time with friends in the garden.

A garden with a swimming pool

A garden with a swimming pool is a comfort and a sign of wealth for some for the modest people. For the rich, a garden is really not a garden if it doesn’t have a swimming pool. And living in a house with a garden without a swimming pool is like living in an apartment.



Tips and tricks for landscaping a garden with swimming pool

On the internet you may find a number of suggestions for garden design tips equal to the number of speakers on the subject and difficult in this situation to choose if you don’t already have some ideas in mind. However, the best advice for landscaping your garden is to use the services of a landscape gardener and horticulturist.