Garden swimming pool: maintenance tips

The maintenance of a swimming pool varies according to the model of artificial pool available: inflatable pool, above ground... Whatever the model, the maintenance of the leisure equipment must be done regularly. Here are a few useful tips for garden pool maintenance.

Maintain an inflatable garden pool

In order to keep the pool water suitable for swimming throughout the season, it is recommended that you regularly maintain your inflatable pool. Before starting the water treatment, it should be tested using several measuring tools. The most important thing to check is the pH of the water. The testing tools are simple to use. Reading and interpreting the results can be done without great chemical skills. Among the garden pool treatment products are chlorine tablets, algaecide, floating dispenser... To have a clean inflatable pool, it is important to maintain its structure. Among the indispensable accessories are a landing net, a pool vacuum cleaner and a wall and bottom brush. If it is a small inflatable pool for children, it is suggested not to treat the water, but to change it systematically.

Useful accessories for classic pool cleaning

To remove large debris from the surface of the water such as insects, leaves, etc., it is essential to clean the water using the landing net. This can be done every time you swim. To maintain the pool in depth, you can use a vacuum sweeper, hydraulic, pressure or electric robot. The advantage with robots is that they are more comfortable than the pool broom. These accessories are autonomous thanks to their semi-automatic or fully automatic feature. It should be noted that the water treatment equipment must also be maintained. This is the case for the skimmer, the pump and the filter.

Some tips to facilitate the maintenance of garden pools

To embellish the pool and garden, you can invest in the purchase of pool covers or a pool shelter. The advantage with this type of accessory is that it limits the maintenance tasks of the artificial pool. Thanks to these protective accessories, the pool water is protected from the weather and external pollution. It is recommended to cover your garden pool with a winter cover during the winter. Simply monitor the various components of the pool, such as the filtration system, liner and safety equipment, to identify the problem and make the necessary repairs quickly.
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