What shape of mini pool should I choose?

For a large swimming pool, the possibilities, in terms of shapes, are very wide. On the other hand, if you have a small space, you should choose the model that fits best into your landscape. On the other hand, your aesthetic preferences count a lot in the choice of shape from the moment you define your needs. Do you want to install a pond in your garden to relax? To indulge in water activities alone, with family or friends? Would you like to be able to swim in it comfortably? Opt for a small, oval-shaped pool if you want to be able to swim lengths without too much stress inside the pool. On the other hand, a rectangular pool is more suitable if your priority is to add a design touch to your exterior. On the other hand, the swim lane shape is more suitable for relaxing and sunbathing.

How to recognize the right filtration system?

Just because you have a mini pool does not mean that the filtration system is optional. On the contrary, the smaller the pool, the more dirt and impurities are visible. It goes without saying that one of the essential conditions for swimming without the risk of skin and respiratory infections is clean water. It should be remembered that 20% of the hygiene of the pool is ensured by the treatment products sold in specialist swimming pool equipment shops and supermarkets. This leaves us with 80% for the filtration system. Note that you can choose between 5 types of filtration: glass, diatomaceous earth, cartridges, sand and bag filters. Each of these options has its own properties and act differently on the pond water. The distinction lies in the water consumption, the time needed for maintenance and the accuracy of the filtration.

The shell pool: is it an interesting choice?

If you have not yet heard of this model, you should know that the mini-shell swimming pool is an underground model which is characterized by its factory-moulded structure. For this reason, you have the possibility to define beforehand your dimensions as well as the shape you wish to give to your pool, since this small pool is similar to a kit that will be delivered in one piece to your garden. By making this choice, you are assured of having an underground pool for which many owners opt for its ease of installation and its excellent quality/price ratio. This is because this model is considerably cheaper than the concrete one. The only downside: the configuration possibilities. It should not be forgotten that the moulds available in the catalogue and from which you can choose are limited.
The awning: optimal comfort at the edge of your indoor swimming pool
Pool or spa for my garden?

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