How to choose a pool cover?

Having a swimming pool in the house is always exciting for both parents and children. Swimming at home, without joining a club, is always great fun. No matter how big or small your house is, you can always have a pool in it. You can choose from a variety of models. There is the inground pool, the semi-inground pool and even the above-ground pool. However, you should always choose the right pool and pool cover. But, what is the real use of a pool cover? And, how to make the right choice? Here are some tips to help you find the right pool cover and curtain for your needs.

The importance of a pool cover

You're probably wondering: why do you have to cover your pool? In reality, the installation of a pool curtain is essential for a safety reason. It actually prevents accidents to children and adults. However, it is recommended to install a safety cover complying with the NF P 90-308 standard. When you choose the cover for your pool, you must take this into account. Be aware that with a swimming pool with an adapted cover, if you have children or pets at home, they can perfectly stay in your garden without taking risks. However, it is also necessary to add protective barriers around the pool. With a pool roller shutter or pool curtain, the water in your pool is better protected, especially when you are no longer using it. As long as the model you choose meets safety standards, you and your family can feel safe without having to watch the area all the time.

Choosing your pool cover according to the shape

When looking for the Volée d'O cover for your pool, you must consider the shape. Be aware that any cover model can still fit your pool. Whether you prefer a safety cover, a summer cover or a winter cover, you can always take advantage of it. On the market, you can also install a round pool cover. You also have the possibility to choose a rectangular cover, an octagonal cover, an oval cover, etc. You should know that for some years now, owners have been able to cut a pool cover to size according to their needs. That said, you can customize the cover of your pool according to your expectations. Some companies even offer homeowners the possibility of installing a printed cover with the visual of their choice: patterns, designs, etc. As for the price, it often depends on the model, shape and size.

What is the ideal pool cover for your pool?

Regardless of which model of cover you want to choose, there are always advantages and disadvantages. The best choice is always the safety cover. This model is ideal for private pools or garden pools. It can be presented as a bar cover. In this case, you should avoid soft covers. They are not very reliable on the safety side. The bubble cover is also very reliable. Some people know it as the summer cover. The installation of this cover protects your pool from various types of dirt. At the same time it helps to warm the water in your pool. There is also the solar cover or the heating cover. It is the same as the summer cover, but this time it is much more resistant.
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