Securing your pool with a guardrail

Since 2013, legislation requires all swimming pools to be safe to prevent accidents, falls or drowning. If you are looking for the ideal solution for optimal safety of your pool, the installation of guardrails is the answer to your question. Several choices of material exist for this installation, glass, stainless steel, PVC or wrought iron, but it is important to choose it carefully to guarantee a long enough life for your guardrail.

Stainless steel railing, combining aesthetics and resistance

The most commonly used material for the installation of railings is stainless steel. Thanks to its weather-resistant and moisture-resistant properties, a stainless steel railing guarantees you durable, low-maintenance protection. It offers a considerable advantage when it comes to pool railings, as its hardness makes it resistant to wear caused by oxidation or corrosion due to its proximity to the water. This will therefore save you from having to replace your barrier constantly. In addition to its very resistant property, stainless steel can also bring a very aesthetic touch to your pool since it offers a multitude of finishes. You will have the choice between a rough, brushed, polished, matt or glossy finish depending on the decor you wish to put in place.

Railing made of glass, wrought iron or wood for more aesthetics

The glass railing is the perfect protective barrier if you want to have an elegant and refined protection for the edges of your pool. Offering a transparent view of the pool and its surroundings, it combines design, elegance and modernity. Moreover, it will allow you to admire the landscape, especially when your pool is high up. This installation also makes the pool surroundings less heavy and is not subject to problems such as corrosion or oxidation. Wrought iron pool barriers are also very popular because they are both aesthetic and practical. In fact, to achieve a rustic look, they are the ideal solution. Depending on the style you want to create, you can choose between bars or screens to give your pool an old-fashioned look.

The advantages of installing a guardrail for your pool

The installation of railings made of stainless steel, glass or other materials has several advantages, starting with the protection that the installation provides to your pond. It allows you to directly prevent access to the pool, especially for children. For optimum safety, you can even install a lock on the barrier so that those who cannot open it cannot enter the pool. This solution also prevents animals and other pests from gaining access to the pool when swimmers are in it. Pets can make your pool dirty or soiled, so installing guardrails will prevent them. Be aware that even if the installation of a guardrail can require a fairly large budget, your safety and that of your family and friends is at stake. In fact, it is no more expensive than building a pool enclosure.
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