Swimming pool safety: choose models of gates and barriers online

You've probably heard, at least once, of accidental drownings in private and public swimming pools. Did you know that these incidents, which can sometimes be fatal, can be avoided by applying safety measures as simple as installing a protective device in accordance with the law in force?

Why is it essential to install a protective device?

A swimming pool fence is an essential element to enjoy pleasant swimming moments with family or friends. By installing this protective wall, you will be able to relax, have a chat and go back and forth around the house without having to worry about the safety of children and your guests. Nevertheless, since there are several barrier models on the market, you must make a wise choice. The first criterion to consider when choosing your fence is the level of security it can offer you. You must therefore choose a regulated model that can offer optimal protection for both children and adult pool users. Because yes, no one is spared the risk of drowning. The second criterion is the external appearance of the fence. It would be a shame to compromise the coherence of the architectural style of your outdoor space by making a bad choice of partition. Be aware that you can completely reconcile aesthetics and ergonomics on the same protective device.

Which protection wall should you choose for your pool?

For some years now, swimming pools are no longer reserved for the elite. Whatever your budget, you can have one in your home. No wonder then that a wide range of products and associated accessories are flourishing in specialized stores and boutiques. Among these is the famous protective barrier. If you don't know which one to choose, you should know that manufacturers distinguish 2 main categories, starting with the removable fence. This is a model that can be dismantled and removed at any time. This will allow you to free the contour of your pool as soon as there is no longer any danger. After all, why clutter up and spoil the aesthetics of your pool if there is no one around. On the other hand, some people prefer a more durable protection. Which brings us to the second category of fencing: the fixed model. This is highly recommended if you have young children. You never know when your baby will crawl to the pool on its own. Because it only takes a few minutes of distraction to see the worst happen. So, to eliminate any risk of forgetting to put the partition back up, it is strongly recommended to choose a non-removable fence.

What materials for your pool fence?

Before choosing the material, you must first decide on the characteristics of your fence. The aerated model brings a very aesthetic touch of transparency while ensuring its initial security function. As for the solid fence, it isolates the pool from the rest of the garden area. Some people then see it as a way to better structure the outside of the house. As for the materials, the choice is made in accordance with the architectural style of your home and your pool. You can, for example, consider wrought iron. This material is elegant, especially if you opt for the model in mesh or bars, which will give character to your decoration. For a more classic Nordic style, prefer wood. The visual effect is sensational if you spend enough time on maintenance. If you want to install a designer fence, glass is the most suitable material. The landscape will be clear and the pool visible even from your living room. Finally, for smaller budgets, especially if you want to install a swimming pool gate, PVC offers an excellent price/quality ratio. Some technical notions for a pool fence that complies with safety standards The height must not be less than 1m20. If the partition is made of bars, they must be closely spaced to prevent children and animals from slipping through. The ground clearance must be at least 25 mm. The impact resistance of the partition must be 50 kg. The material must be smooth enough not to cause scratches and cuts on contact with the skin. The space between the partition and any supporting element such as a wall for example must not be less than 1.10 m so that a child cannot climb the fence.
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