Pool or spa for my garden?

Are you hesitating between the spa or the pool for your garden? It has to be said that each of these is very pleasant and has significant advantages in terms of relaxation. To help you make your choice, here are a few ideas that we hope you will find useful.

The physical training aspect

It is important to know that if your main goal is to be able to exercise, the swimming pool is the best solution. Indeed, it will allow you to do the lengths and thus maintain your shape, while strengthening your muscles and improving your breathing capacity. Swimming is also a gentle sport in the sense that it strains the muscles without forcing them, thus avoiding injuries. Relaxation As far as the relaxation aspect is concerned, the spa is much more interesting. Although the swimming pool can also relax you, especially because of its coolness which is very pleasant in summer, the spa is primarily intended to relax you. Indeed, it invites you to plunge your body into very hot water and to rock yourself with its many jets. The result is an immediate feeling of well-being, which is also accompanied by numerous benefits such as a relaxation of the muscles and therefore a relief of muscle aches and pains.

The question of price

As far as price is concerned, in-ground pools and spas are quite expensive, usually between 10 and 20,000 euros. However, there are some interesting alternatives, such as the above ground pool and the inflatable spa which will cost you less than 1000 euros, knowing that the first prices are around 150 euros! However, the efficiency of a spa or the size of a pool of this type will be less appreciable but can still bring you definite advantages if you don't want to pay too much money. If you're interested, you can check out this comprehensive site on inflatable spas: http://spagonflable.org which will help you understand the features of this type of product and help you choose the right spa for your situation.

An alternative: the swim spa

You should know that there is an alternative to this delicate choice: the swim spa. This is a spa that also offers you the possibility of swimming thanks to powerful jets (which allow you to swim against the current). However, you will have to count around 15,000 euros minimum to be able to offer you a swim spa. To conclude, you will have to take into account the use you wish to make of your purchase as well as the price you are prepared to pay for it in order to make your choice.
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