Gardens and terraces with pools of modern design

Live a pleasant moment in a stylish setting in a contemporary style by arranging a pool garden in your courtyard. The installation of a garden with a swimming pool is a good investment even if there are a few criteria to take into account such as the surface area of the open space and the water-resistant decorations.

To arrange a garden with swimming pool

The installation of a garden swimming pool must be considered according to certain parameters related to installation and comfort. First of all, you have to take into account the investment you are going to make, will you really need a garden pool, do you live in an area where the temperatures are high enough? Then, think about maintaining the garden pool, covering the area in winter and autumn to protect it from freezing. Then, detail the free space in your yard and the layout of the garden with swimming pool: a large garden can hold a 3m deep swimming pool, on the other hand a small garden or a small terrace equipped with a swimming pool increases the risk of flooding. Finally, the establishment of a swimming pool garden should be done in an open, sunny space sheltered from wind and trees to prevent leaves from invading the pool. The garden with swimming pool should be located close to the house for more comfort and close to the changing rooms for more practical profitability.

Idea for decorating a garden with swimming pool

The purpose of the garden with swimming pool determines its size and shape. A garden with a swimming pool for decorative and refreshing purposes should be laid out in a rounded or irregular shape. Furthermore, a swimming pool garden for swimming is not satisfactory if it is not deep enough, rectangular and has a minimum length of 15m. If leafy trees are not allowed around the pool garden, deciduous trees can be beautifully decorated in a hardy way, such as palm trees with a green lawn to make a beautiful garden. Give your pool garden a contemporary design by choosing appropriate water-resistant furniture such as chairs with cushions, long chairs and small brightly coloured side tables.

Beautiful garden with swimming pool

Consult construction experts to design your garden with a pool and still see pools already built to avoid possible complications. In short, installing the pool of your dreams in your garden or on your wooden deck is a great investment to spend wonderful summer days.
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