The awning: optimal comfort at the edge of your indoor swimming pool

The installation of a swimming pool awning is an optimal comfort solution to fully enjoy an indoor swimming pool. A custom-made awning provides ideal protection against heat while allowing you to control the light at the water's edge. So in the shade of an awning, you can swim and enjoy the warmth. By protecting part of your pool from the sun's rays, you can enjoy pleasant warmth without glare and without having to worry about getting sunburned. Tailor-made pool blinds give you the perfect feeling of well-being while enjoying the warmth. There are many custom-made pool blinds available to fit all pool shapes. Some people are seduced by free-standing blinds that can be installed at the edge of a pool or terrace and offer a great deal of freedom. Moreover, it is possible to install them wherever you wish. These awnings adapt very well to an indoor swimming pool and offer many advantages: up to 36 m² of shade, the fabric and mechanism being protected by a box. There are 4 foot systems to choose from, offering great stability, an integrated lighting system or a solar pool heating ramp with integrated dimmer. The pool awning is an effective sun protection that adapts aesthetically and harmoniously to your environment. By installing a custom-made awning (see you will gain in comfort. Choosing to install a swimming pool or terrace awning means you can enjoy a cosy corner in your garden. Manual or motorised, the installation of your future awning will be entirely taken care of by awning installation experts. These tailor-made installations are available in a wide range of fabrics and colours, which will allow you to perfectly harmonise your garden, terrace and swimming pool area. By opting for a motorised custom-made awning model you can enjoy the ultimate in comfort. Indeed, you can order your pool or terrace awning from anywhere. Even if you are not at home, thanks to your Smartphone, tablet or PC. It is also possible to add an optional solar sensor system that lowers the awning when the sun is shining and raises it when the sun is obscured by clouds. An ideal solution to keep your home cool when you're away from home.
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