What are the advantages of the Piscines Intex brand?

Intex pools are an excellent alternative for those who wish to own a round, oval or rectangular above-ground pool and still enjoy swimming without breaking the bank. The specificity of Intex swimming pool models is that they are made of a flexible, break-resistant, waterproof and perfectly watertight material. Let's discover the other advantages of Intex pool models.

What are the special features of Intex pools?

The Intex swimming pool models are available in 2 variants, tubular pools that are both solid and durable and self-supporting models, also known as autostable, which favour quick and easy installation. Regardless of the Intex pool models that you decide to buy to equip your garden, you can choose between several variable models ranging from 70 to 126 cm deep. The Intex pool brand is also available in kit form. Indeed, the artificial pools can be supplied or not with optional accessories such as a tarpaulin, a pool ladder... These pools are both economical and easy and quick to assemble. Intex pools are made of a resistant material with a 2-year guarantee. Other selling points of the effectiveness of the Intex pool brand are that the American brand has been available on the market for more than 40 years.

Self-supporting or tubular Intex pool

The main advantage of freestanding pools is their price. It is simply the most economical solution to enjoy the joys of swimming. Another advantage is that the freestanding or freestanding pool is an artificial above-ground inflatable pool that is easy to install. No need to undertake complex work, no need for specific tools and its installation requires no special skills. As for the tubular swimming pool, this model of swimming device, also known as a freestanding pool, benefits from better reinforcement thanks to the presence of metal tubes. The advantage of this type of above-ground pool is that the absence of a flange guarantees a larger swimming surface than self-supporting models. If the installation of a freestanding pool takes about 15 minutes, it takes less than an hour to install the tubular model.

Why should I choose an Intex pool?

Buying a freestanding Intex pool model allows you to benefit from useful optional accessories for the maintenance or comfort of your pool. Depending on your needs, you can add a cartridge purifier, cleaning kit, floor mats, resistant cover, pool ladder... The purchase includes an installation DVD explaining each step of the installation of your pool. The prices of Intex freestanding pools are affordable. These artificial pools are renowned for their manufacturing processes. The American manufacturer has favoured the accessibility of these products to the largest public without neglecting the quality of its products.
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