Advantages of the hydraulic pool robot

The hydraulic pool robot is a truly fabulous device. It has features that make it much more interesting than other pool cleaner models. The hydraulic pool cleaner is a very popular device at the moment, and you will see why.

What is a pool robot?

A pool robot can be described as a machine that is used to clean a pool. In general, it works by vacuuming the dirt, but the most recent models are also equipped with brushes. The pool cleaner is a really practical device. Before it was invented, all the water had to be drained off before the bottom and sides of the pool could be cleaned. With the advent of the pool cleaner, the pool no longer had to be completely emptied. The first pool cleaner was introduced in 1951, and since then it has been continuously improved. It was a South African engineer by the name of Chauvier who created the first automatic pool cleaner robot. At that time, the robot was only able to work in an empty pool because it could not yet withstand contact with water. It was only later that the inventor developed an underwater waterproof prototype. It wasn't until 1974 that pool cleaners were really commercialised.  Since then, manufacturers have continued to multiply and make every possible improvement. Today, the pool cleaner is a real jewel of home automation.

The different types of pool robots

Currently, it is possible to distinguish three types of pool robot: electric pool robot, pool vacuum cleaner and hydraulic pool robot. The electric pool cleaner removes the dirt from the pool by vacuuming it. The various detritus will then be stored in a filter bag.  The electric pool cleaner is usually equipped with brushes. This device is able to vacuum and brush the parts it cleans at the same time. This type of cleaner is well suited for large, inground pools, but it is still suitable for any pool. The most recent robots are autonomous. All you have to do is put it in the water, and it will clean the entire pool surface for you. Some models only work in contact with water. As soon as you remove them, they will automatically shut off. The pool vacuum cleaner operates similarly to a household vacuum cleaner. Unlike a pool cleaner, it is a tool that you have to handle. It is a waterproof cleaner that can be safely immersed in the water of a pool. Its use often requires the purchase of a telescopic handle to reach the dirt at the bottom of the pool. The pool vacuum cleaner usually operates on batteries or a built-in battery. The hydraulic pool cleaner is a much more complex device, but much more efficient. It works by means of a filter circuit previously installed on the pool. The hydraulic pool robot is able to move randomly in the pool. Even if it only sucks up dirt, it is still efficient.

Special features of the hydraulic pool robot

There are three different types of hydraulic pool robots: suction robots, robots with suppressors and pump robots.  Regardless of the model, the hydraulic pool robot is suitable for both above-ground and inground pools. The type of lining (tile, shell, liner, etc.) and the shape of the pool will not be a problem either. With a hydraulic pool cleaner, the water in your pool will be constantly purified and cleaned of all impurities. Unlike a pool vacuum cleaner, the hydraulic cleaner works autonomously. All you have to do is put it in the water, and it will do everything else without you having to take care of it. What's more, the hydraulic pool cleaner is very easy to install. Even though it has many components, you will have to get out of it without too much trouble. The cleaner always comes with an assembly manual, which should make your job easier. If you don't want to assemble it yourself, you can always hire a craftsman. What distinguishes the hydraulic pool cleaner from other models of cleaners is that it performs a really satisfying cleaning job.  The electric pool cleaner, for example, does not perform as well as the hydraulic cleaner, although it is much more expensive and breaks down much more often.

The weaknesses of the hydraulic pool robot

Despite its increased performance, the hydraulic pool robot still has its weaknesses. Hydraulic pool cleaner models that do not have a suppressor work very slowly.  They take a very long time to purify all the water in a pool. On this type of pool cleaner, you can add a suppressor to increase its performance, but you will have to buy this equipment separately. As far as the maintenance of the robot is concerned, you will have to do it as regularly as possible. You must rinse it with clean water after use and empty all the contents of the filter bins or bags.
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