Swimming pool with or without shelter: which one to choose?

Published on : 08 May 20203 min reading time

Building a swimming pool on his property is an important decision given the scope of the work and the budget required to complete this project. To design a pool, you must also choose to proceed with the landscaping of the terrace and the work surrounding the artificial pool. Another concern to take into consideration when you want to build a pool, prefer an indoor pool or add a pool cover?

Choosing to build an indoor pool or a pool enclosure?

The main advantage of building an indoor swimming pool is that you can enjoy this leisure facility all year round. An indoor pool is a real asset for owners of artificial pools, as it allows the pool to be protected so that maintenance is easier to carry out and the structure gets dirty less quickly. Installing an indoor pool also allows you to benefit from a structure that is less subject to weather changes.

When designing a pool enclosure, it is generally the veranda that is the most popular. This room allows natural light to pass through, and by choosing to build the pool in a verandah, you feel as if you were outside. The models of swimming pool designed in a modern verandah are works where some rooms are equipped with a partial opening system.

Construction of a swimming pool enclosure next to the leisure device

Another solution to enjoy your pool is to design the artificial pool outside as well as a pool cover located near the pool. Although this system does not protect the pool and does not allow swimming during the winter seasons, it creates a privileged space at the edge of the pool. For example, by choosing to build a bioclimatic pergola, it is possible to have a meal and rest in the shade next to the pool. The advantage of a bioclimatic pergola is that this real extension of the house filters the natural light while protecting itself from bad weather.

Call a specialist to install a pool cover

The advantage with companies specialising in the manufacture of swimming pool covers is that it is possible to have a structure built that complies with the AFNOR NF P 90-309 standard. Swimming pool shelter systems are devices resistant to shocks and pressures such as vertical load, collateral impacts… Swimming pool shelters are structures that come in different models. Swimming pool enclosures are devices that can also be custom-made.

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