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Some spas, especially the overflow models, already have their own filtration system, but with other models, it is recommended to install a filter to have clean water in the bubble bath. In the accessories category, especially spa filters, you can find cartridge filters and sand filters. We will focus more on filtration cartridges.

What is the purpose of the filter cartridge?

There are several filtration devices and among them is the filtration cartridge. The filtration device for the spa ensures the absorption and blocking of debris and particles that may be present in the water. The cartridge spa filter consists of a paper or synthetic filter cartridge that will do this job while preventing debris and particles from returning to the water. Remember that the spa cartridge will not completely clean the water. To get a perfectly clean spa, the action of the filter cartridge must be complemented by other spa accessories such as the chemical treatment system. For optimum filtration capacity, the spa filter cartridge should be cleaned at least once a week. After a few weeks, it should also be replaced.

The filter cartridge, for which spa?

If there are several types of spa filters on the market, the filter cartridge should be used if you have a small bathing area. This type of filtration will not be able to clean a large amount of water. It is important to have this spa filter cartridge because hot water is very favourable to the development of bacteria.

Choosing the right filter cartridge

In the spa accessories section on specialized sites such as cartridge-spa.com, there are a variety of filtration devices, and even if you focus on filtration cartridges only, you will still find many products. To make a better choice, you need to consider the size of your spa as well as the volume of water it can hold. Also ask about the size of the filter. Most of the time, filter cartridges are sold in bulk and they will be of no use to you if they do not fit. Ask questions about the flow rate of the filter cartridge. It is advisable to use a cartridge with a flow rate slightly higher than the volume of water to be filtered.

Changing the filter cartridge

If the spa filter cartridge needs to be cleaned at least once a week, it should really be changed after a few weeks, especially when you notice signs of wear and tear. The life of the filter cartridge is often indicated on the product packaging. If you have not used your spa for a long period of time and have left your spa cartridge in the spa, it is best to change it directly. This also applies if you have removed the cartridge and placed it out of the water.
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