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Initially designed to do lengths comfortably, the swim lane is a pool that appeals to many sportsmen and women and swimming enthusiasts. This craze is now even appealing to swimming pool enthusiasts who are only looking for relaxation.

What is a swim lane?

A swim lane is a long swimming pool that is rectangular in shape and at least 10 m long. These dimensions allow enough space to swim comfortably as one would in an Olympic-sized pool. To install a pool that is suitable for the outdoor space of your home, you can also choose a custom-made pool. The length varies between 10 and 15 m and can even be as long as 20 m. As for the width, you have the possibility to create a 3 m wide corridor pool.

The different types of corridor pools

The swim lanes can be designed in different materials: Concrete: For a masonry pool, professionals offer custom-made models in reinforced, poured or sprayed concrete. The shell: The polyester shell allows more configurations, in addition to being more affordable. The kit: Easier to install, the corridor pool kit is a collection of previously manufactured parts. Then, you can choose your finishing materials according to aesthetic or functional criteria: waxed concrete, wood, marble, etc. Here the professional can guide you towards the choice that best suits your needs and your budget.

What equipment for your pool?

The equipment increases the possibilities of use of your pool:
  • A counter-current system provided that it is compatible with the properties of your land.
  • A high-performance pump for optimal cleaning along the entire length of the pool.
  • A heating system
  • Massage nozzles
  • A diving board
In fact, all the equipment of an ordinary swimming pool is adaptable to a swimming lane pool! It's up to you to determine your needs and your vision of the ideal model!
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