Inflatable pool or permanent pool: what to choose?

To realize a swimming pool project, you only have the embarrassment of choice because the manufacturers offer all kinds of pools: inflatable pool, freestanding pool, permanent pool ... The prices of pools are very different and everything depends on the budget you plan to put in the construction of the pool.

How to choose your pool model?

Indoor swimming pools, above ground pools, inflatable pools... The types, shapes and dimensions of swimming pools are varied and manufacturers offer models that adapt to any garden space. Inflatable pools are popular because they are easily installed on a concrete slab. Take advantage of a cheap pool that adapts to your desires and your budget. To install a pool in your garden, you must first ask yourself questions about the model, size and depth of the pool. Do you want a children's pool, a pool where you will have your feet everywhere or rather a pool with a sloping bottom for jumping and diving. All options are feasible and it's just a matter of available space and budget. Don't forget that you also need a pool pump and an installation for pool maintenance.

Define the pool area in the garden

If you want to do laps or dive in your pool, a small pool or an inflatable pool will not be enough. You need at least an 8 by 4 pool or even better 10 by 5 to build a large pool. For a small pool, an inflatable pool or a children's pool, it is a good idea to provide a pool cover to prevent too much dirt from falling into the pool. Some pool kits include a pool pump, a pool cover to have a functional and practical pool and enjoy the pleasures of swimming in your garden without spending too much money. The prices of freestanding pool models are very affordable and there are two types: inflatable or structure pools. It all depends on the depth of water you want because inflatable pools are limited in the amount of water they can hold. These models of pools have the advantage of being easily dismantled in the bad season so that you don't have to maintain a pool for nothing.

Having fun with a pool in your garden

Who hasn't dreamt of a swimming pool in their garden to enjoy the pleasures of swimming intensively. If you only have a very small garden or terrace, you can install a children's pool, which is easy to maintain and for which a pool pump will not be necessary if you change the water regularly. For a larger pool, inflatable pool or freestanding pool, it is essential to provide a pool pump equipped with an efficient sand filter to ensure good water quality. Before embarking on an inflatable pool project, you should be aware that this type of pool is fragile and that you should not expect to have a pool model that will stand the test of time. If you decide to install a freestanding pool, inflatable or not, it is important to provide a perfectly levelled concrete space to ensure a longer life for the pool. Opting for a cheap pool is not necessarily the best solution because nothing compares to a real hard, solid and weather-resistant pool. But depending on the type of pool and the construction method, the budget is not at all the same and it is important to define from the start the amount you are willing to put into the pool project without forgetting the maintenance costs of the pool.
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