Why opt for the purchase of a swimming pool kit?

For the return of the beautiful days, you plan to reserve a little corner outside to enjoy the sun? Of course, there are many alternatives to set up your project. Nevertheless, we will give you some good reasons to opt for the swimming pool kit.

What is a kit pool?

A swimming pool in kit is equipped with several prefabricated elements ready to be assembled, reserved for the informed do-it-yourselfers who wish to carry out the creation of a swimming pool themselves. It can be buried or above ground, just like traditional pools, depending on the owner's wishes. For an in-ground pool, you have three choices: modular formwork, lost formwork or modular panels. Thus, at the time of purchase, all the necessary construction equipment is included in the box. For some models, you can even find optional accessories such as a counter-current swimming system, a heating system, a lighting system... But in general, the kit includes : ∙ The elements to build the pool walls: they can be made of steel, concrete, composite materials, planks, etc. ∙ Elements for assembling the parts ∙ Sealing elements: bottom felt, glue, rail and liner ∙ Plumbing and Piping Components ∙ The kit of parts to be sealed: bottom drain, delivery and suction mouth, etc. ∙ The elements of the filtration system: pump, filter, etc. ∙ The maintenance kit ∙ The coping stones ∙ And a staircase However, it should be noted that the composition of the kits may vary depending on the brand.

What is the interest of buying a pool kit?

The first advantage of the kit pool is certainly the price-quality ratio. Indeed, it is an economical solution because it is more affordable while the manufacturing materials are of high quality. For those who have a limited budget, opt for a kit pool and save quite a large amount of money for the realization of your project. You will also be responsible for the installation. In this way, you will save on labour costs. On the other hand, you must have a solid basis in DIY to assemble your pool yourself, in order to reduce the risk of accidents due to a bad assembly or a bad preparation of the ground. In any case, the installation is simple and quick if you have a good notion in the field. Just follow the instructions to the letter. Moreover, if necessary, you can always contact your supplier and ask for advice on how to lay the tiles successfully. In addition, there is no need to buy additional accessories. Everything is included in the package. So the purchase is a one-off. This will save you a lot of time and simplify the tasks of the people responsible for the installation. Are you looking for a custom pool? This solution will allow you to design a pool that suits your desires. Why do you need one? Because it is possible to add personalized touches (swim lane, original color, etc.) without spending a fortune. Warning! For an impeccable result, you should follow the instructions step by step. If you lack skill, it is better to call on experienced professionals to take over.

Good to know!

For an in-ground kit pool, the earthworks must be carried out upstream. Obviously, this stage is quite complex. Therefore, it would be more judicious to entrust it to a specialist. It is also necessary to prepare the ground that will receive the above ground pool to limit accidents. For the traditional underground swimming pools, they must be the subject of a request for administrative authorization. The swimming pool in kit does not escape this rule if it is buried or semi-buried. For the kit above ground swimming pool, the authorization is essential if it is installed more than 3 months in the year and has a surface area of more than 10 m2. In addition, do not forget the obligatory safety systems to guarantee the safety of people near the pool. These are the pool alarms. The choice varies according to your budget and the system you wish to install. In any case, given the number of more or less serious incidents that have occurred in France, installers are obliged to respect the safety measures imposed by legislation.
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