How to achieve the perfect installation of your pool cover?

Your pool cover is an important part of ensuring the safety of children and adults around your pool. In order to get the most out of your pool cover, here are the main steps to follow to complete the installation of your pool cover.

When to install your pool cover?

submerged swimming pool cover Whether you want to equip an existing swimming pool or consider covering the pool for a future construction, the installation of your cover does not require any constraint.

It is therefore never too late to plan the installation of this type of device!

Regardless of the model of cover, external or submerged, you can easily integrate it into your pool.

What you need to know before you start installing your pool cover!

Even if the intervention of a professional will give you the assurance of quality work, you can easily install your pool cover by yourself. To do so, you must necessarily plan to be accompanied by at least one adult in addition to yourself. Make sure that you read the installation instructions for your equipment so that you are familiar with each step. Of course, you must have an excellent level of do-it-yourself skills with electrical expertise if you want a motorized shutter.

The main steps for a successful pool cover installation

The assembly of your pool cover is a succession of actions that require a maximum of DIY skills. At first, the slats are delivered unassembled, so you will have to fit each of them together to make up the surface of your shutter. Once the operation is complete, a minimum of two adult people are needed to move the assembly to the edge of your pool. By scrupulously following the instructions in the manual, you must fit the roller between the two terminals provided for this purpose. Then present the equipment in its final position without fixing it to the ground. Depending on the type of coping that your pool is equipped with, you may need to make a few cuts. Indeed, in the case of retractable coping stones which offer an overflow above your pool, you must leave sufficient space so that the slats can easily go down flush with the water and avoid rubbing which could damage them. Use the dimensions given in the instructions to carry out the operation using a grinder. Then, using your drill, finalize the fixing of your bollards and check that they are perfectly level.

When installing an electric shutter, don't forget to allow for the passage of your cable!

Always with the help of a second person, deploy the shutter on the surface of the pool and fix the first slat to the roller using the dedicated straps. Use the shaft to roll up and then unroll the device to make sure it is correctly installed. The last phase consists of adjusting the end of the pool cover as indicated in the manual. If your equipment is motorised, connect the control box to your electrical box.
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