Swimming pool with beach: opt for a complete kit

Would you like to install a swimming pool in your garden? Although classic angled pools remain timeless, the beach pool has made a great revolution in recent years. In fact, manufacturers offer complete kits for the construction of this model of pool. Place of purchase, criteria of choice and interests, here is a guide why, to opt for a complete kit of construction of swimming pool with beach.

Where to find a complete kit for swimming pool with beach?

First of all, you should know that a pool with a deck is different from a pool deck. The former imitates the beach by the sea. So you can slide smoothly, without the need for stairs, into your submerged pool. The descent slope is gentle, reaching the bottom of the pool with a limited depth. Alternatively, you can also opt for several successive slopes, to build a pool more than 2 m deep. As for the pool deck, this is a terrace built all around the pool, at the same level as the surface of the pool. It is therefore possible to find a complete pool kit with deck from any pool builder. Some online manufacturers also offer swimming pool deck kits. You even have the prerogative to ask for a free online quote for the construction of your own pool. Comparing several quotes also helps you to find the right provider. In any case, the pool price range depends on the size, building materials, and complexity of construction of your pool.

How to choose a kit for swimming pool with deck?

A complete kit for swimming pool with deck includes, apart from the earthwork of the building plot, the construction materials for the under-layer and top layer of the pool. There are also the hydraulic hoses and fittings, in addition to equipment to make the pool functional (filter, drain and pool water treatment, ...). Thus, you will be able to choose the construction material of the swimming pool with deck according to your budget and its practicality. In terms of material, the rubber pool remains the most affordable because it is made of recycled material. But as the deck is immersed with the pool, it must support and resist humidity. In this case, opt for a waterproof covering such as concrete, imitation stone, tile, rubber or geomembrane. But for more safety, it requires that the chosen kit is non-slip. The swimming pool with beach is also used to relax in the water or at the seaside, without the need to swim. So it must not be slippery. This model of pool is also subject to rapid evaporation of water due to its shallow depth. Therefore, the kit must resist the formation of algae (caused by the successive alternation of humidity and evaporation). The geomembrane pool is the ideal choice in this case. This material limits the appearance of algae.

Why opt for a complete pool kit with deck?

Because of its shape, the pool with a deck is also called a lagoon pool. If you want to have it installed in your home, opting for a complete kit saves you time, energy and money. Indeed, your supplier also takes care of the construction of the pool on the earthwork of your choice. He takes care of and guarantees to make your pool operational. So you only need one supplier to enjoy a private pool as if you were at home by the sea. Moreover, buying a complete kit from a manufacturer allows you to see your initial budget reduced, that to call upon several professionals, for the pool, the evacuation, the backflow...
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