What type of shelter to choose for a pool?

Published on : 08 May 20204 min reading time

Nowadays, many buildings are built with a swimming pool next to or inside the building itself. For many people, they think that a swimming pool is an ideal place to relax and moreover it can offer a lot of fun. Having a private pool is a great privilege to relax. It is a factor of happiness for the family. However, in order to protect a pool properly, it is necessary to have pool covers. It is a protection and comfort tool for swimming pools. It is a better way to secure a pool. There are several types of pool covers. Therefore, what are the different types of pool covers and how to choose one among them? What is the importance and usefulness of a pool enclosure? What are the advantages of choosing a good pool enclosure?

The different types of pool covers and how to choose one of them

There are usually five types of pool covers. They are:

– a door pool enclosure where some people call it a pool cover, it is characterized by its simplicity and effectiveness;

– a sliding pool enclosure, this one is characterized by their doors, because they can open in two directions;

– a telescopic pool enclosure, it is almost the same with the sliding pool enclosure, the only difference is on their doors, for the latter, its doors can only open in one direction;

– the exaltable pool enclosure and the latter are the fixed pool enclosure. Besides, the question is how to choose a pool enclosure among these different types? The answer is simple, we must only choose a pool enclosure that meets our requirement, our criterion. We will be able to select a pool enclosure that meets our taste, regardless of its shape. And finally, the choice of the pool enclosure depends on our budget. For more information, we can click on this link types of swimming pool enclosures.

The importance and usefulness of a swimming pool cover

Since the beginning of 2003, the installation of protection tools around a pool is essential for all private pools.

Moreover, a swimming pool shelter is obligatorily installed to reduce the risks of drowning, especially for children who are not able to protect themselves.

Then, a pool cover has the role of avoiding any external pollution of the pool.

And at the end, a pool cover plays an interesting role in maintaining good water quality and temperature.

Advantages of choosing a good pool enclosure according to our requirements and criteria

A pool cover is a mandatory equipment installed for the protection and comfort of our pool. Having made a good choice of a swimming pool cover allows you to benefit from certain advantages.

First of all, a swimming pool shelter guarantees safety and reduces the rate of drowning accidents, especially for children.

Secondly, having a good pool enclosure is a good way to fight against insalubrities outside a pool. So a well chosen pool cover helps to protect and maintain the cleanliness and crystallization of the water for swimming.

Then, a well-sheltered swimming pool makes it possible to extend the length of the bathing season because it will be able to preserve the constant temperature of the water.

And finally, a swimming pool shelter ensures the protection of the pool water from various outside insalubrities. It makes it possible to limit the qualities of the water treatments used. And it preserves the essential calories deposited by the greenhouse effect.

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