Pool pump: which one to choose?

The pump plays a crucial role in the pool's filtration system. In order to keep the water clean, healthy and clear, it is necessary to choose the right model for your pool. With this guide, you will know everything there is to know on the subject, and easily find the ideal pool pump. What is a pool pump and what does it do? The pool pump is an indispensable piece of equipment in the process of maintaining a pool. It participates in the filtration of the water, sucking it in and sending it to the filter. The filter, in turn, will clean the soiled liquid, retaining all residues and dirt in its tank. Afterwards, the filtered water is simply returned to the tank. This is done continuously to ensure that the liquid is always clean. These two elements are therefore complementary, and both contribute to the elimination of impurities present in the water. This device exists in several models with their own characteristics. As an example, if you have a swimming pool treated with salt, the pool pump will be perfectly suited to this condition. The espa pool pump is also compatible with chlorinated water and sea water.

The different categories of swimming pool pumps

There are two types of pool pumps: centrifugal and self-priming. The first category is more suitable for sucking up large debris. It has an impeller, which is responsible for producing kinetic energy to convey the water. The centrifugal pump has a smaller size than the self-priming model and therefore takes up less space in the technical room. Moreover, the price of this equipment is affordable. The self-priming pump, on the other hand, automatically detects the arrival of water. This pump is in great demand because it has better performance in terms of flow rate.

A few steps to follow to better choose your pool filtration pump

In order to find the right device for your pool, you will first need to evaluate the characteristics of your pool. These criteria will enable you to determine the power of your pump: The dimensions and volume of the pool Filter diameter Filter flow rate The proximity of the technical room to the swimming pool You can also make your choice according to the presence or absence of a pre-filter on your pump. The latter is essential if the pump is placed before the filter. In this case, the pre-filter plays an important role in protecting the impeller if large debris is introduced. Finally, take care to choose a pump adapted to the filter, to obtain a better water quality.
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