Swimming pool maintenance: why opt for the pool robot?

If you own a swimming pool, the robot cleaner is an accessory that you must absolutely own. Saving time and energy, it sucks up impurities and brushes the edges of your pool, all in perfect autonomy. But how do you choose a pool cleaner adapted to your installation? This is the question that the following little guide will try to answer.

The advantages of a pool robot

The cost of an automatic pool vacuum cleaner is far from negligible, so it is quite legitimate to ask whether this investment is worth it. Here are the advantages (and limitations) of this type of device. In high season, a pool can get dirty very quickly. Some even require weekly cleaning. If a pool is a popular piece of wellness and leisure equipment in the home, its maintenance is extremely tedious and time-consuming. Although the manual broom is rather practical, it remains very limited in its use and effectiveness. The great advantage of the pool robot is the automation of this thankless task that is no longer subject to your motivation or planning. Thus, no matter the weather, the time of day (or night), you only need five minutes to install everything and then the robot takes care of everything. Of course, this type of equipment is not miraculous. It also needs to be maintained so that it remains efficient. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for a robot to get stuck in a corner of your pool or to have trouble finding its balance on steps. But apart from these minor inconveniences, the satisfaction of automating an activity as unrewarding as cleaning a pool is well worth the purchase.

The different types of robots

There are several types of suction robots, each with their own characteristics and advantages. The most popular among pool owners remains the hydraulic robot because it is more economical than its competitors, while being very efficient. Operating with the hydraulic force generated by filtration to move and suck up impurities, it offers the best quality/price ratio. Of superior quality, electric robots work, as their name suggests, thanks to an integrated battery or a power socket. Better still, some even have a charger inside the pool, to recharge themselves autonomously if necessary. Programmable, automatic and manageable with remote control, they are more efficient and faster than their hydraulic competitors but require more maintenance. Finally, we can mention the solar robot which works thanks to the energy of the Sun. A surface robot, it captures particles before they reach the bottom of the pool. It is therefore a very useful device in addition to a hydraulic or electric robot.

Which robot for which pool?

In order not to waste money, it is necessary to choose equipment adapted to your installations. To do this, you must first study the configuration of your pool (size, shape, presence of steps) and buy your robot accordingly. Indeed, the characteristics and options offered vary between the different brands of equipment. For your purchase, you must therefore be sure that your : • corresponds to the lining of your pool • has sufficient filtration capacity and pump capacity • has a suitable brush and filter bag • cleans the bottom of the pond and the water line Also, depending on your needs, check its cycle time, weight, number of motors and total cleaning capacity. If a robot offers you all these guarantees and fits into your budget, don't hesitate for a second. You're bound to be satisfied in the long run.

Other pool equipment

But to maintain a pool, a suction robot is not enough, you need other pool accessories, which are also very useful. The pool net is certainly the most famous of these gadgets. As you go shrimp fishing, you collect the small dirt present on the surface of the water. Insects, twigs, plant debris, even cigarette butts for the less clean ones, everything goes there. It's an efficient, simple to use tool that every pool owner should have on hand. Whether for cleanliness, water quality or even water temperature, a pool cover is indispensable. It is also a way to protect the family, especially the smallest ones, from dangerous falls. Finally, in the winter, we don't use our swimming pool much, which is why a winter cover is also very useful. The test strips allow you to test the quality of your water. You only need to soak them for a few seconds to know if the pH is balanced and the chlorine level is sufficient. This is a good way to save money on maintenance products. To make it easier for you to choose between all these accessories, there are complete pool maintenance kits available. You can find accessories such as a telescopic handle, a wall brush, a landing net, a vacuum cleaner, a hose... In short! Everything you need to keep your pool clean. As you can see, a pool maintenance robot is indispensable in the long term. Very quickly made profitable as for its use, it makes it possible to take full advantage of its installations without having to worry about their maintenance. A plus when you have an already busy schedule or when you get older and certain tasks become difficult. It's a fact, when you switch from manual to remote control, from elbow grease to automation, there's no turning back. So try it yourself, you won't regret it.
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