Which pool cleaner to choose?

The cleanliness of the water is a necessary condition to be able to swim quietly in a swimming pool and enjoy small moments of relaxation as a couple, with family or with friends. To ensure thorough cleaning, the filtration system is not enough. It is also necessary to install a high-performance cleaning robot.

The electric robot: the most efficient

Before addressing the first category of cleaning robots, it should be remembered that there are 3 of them. The first is the electric pool cleaner: the most powerful model. Its electric mode of operation allows you to suck up any impurities accumulated in the water, either due to bad weather or repeated use. It is also used to brush the surface of the bottom to remove dirt and greasy residues that have stuck to it. Some models can even be used to clean the walls of the pool: places that are difficult to access with any other maintenance equipment. To activate your robot, all you have to do is plug it in and let it do its job! This is an above-ground pool robot, for in-ground and semi-underground pools.

The hydraulic pressure robot: the most robust

The operation of this pool cleaner is more complex than the previous one. Indeed, this device is connected to the filtration unit. The link is provided by a pump whose technical name is "booster". Its role is to distribute water via a pressure system. The mechanical force of the water sent allows the most stubborn dirt to be removed. The impurities are then collected either in the filtration system or in the robot's filters if it contains any. This model is prized for its ease of use and for the capacity of the water jets to remove the most persistent dirt, especially on the pool bottom lining.

The hydraulic suction robot: the simplest

This robot is very similar to a vacuum cleaner. If it is known as the simplest robot, it is because it sucks up dirt and collects it inside without going through the filtration system. Nevertheless, this model is still limited in its performance. Although it is economical, it involves more cleaning time and offers a relatively low degree of precision and efficiency. In order to make the connection, the filtration system must first be connected through the skimmer socket, which is none other than the cleaning brush. Please note the following: The hydraulic suction robot does not allow you to reach and clean the pool walls.
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